Why PTX Conditioning Is The Ultimate Full Body Workout

Bruce Springsteen had it right—we were born to run. But for when you grow tired of your feet hitting the pavement (or the treadmill belt), we’ve got all the details on the latest fitness trends that get you fit and keep you on track.

The Law of Inertia is simple: A body in motion stays in motion. No, I’m not giving you a physics lesson. This is the idea behind Pure Yoga‘s newest class called PTX Conditioning. A mix of cardio, yoga and strength training, the class builds endurance while targeting every muscle group to tone the entire body. In one sentence creator (and Pure Yoga Instructor) Loren Bassett describes it as, “A 60-minute one-stop-shop boot camp-style combining yoga, high-intensity cardio intervals, strength training, calisthenics, plyometrics and core work guaranteed to leave you drenched in sweat.” Sounds amazing, right? I had just had to try the class myself, and it’s everything it says it is. But it’s not easy. Wimps beware.

What’s the story behind PTX Conditioning?
“Pure PTX was inspired by my boot camp I created 2 years ago called Bassett’s Bootcamp—a combination of yoga, high-intensity cardio intervals, strength training and core work,” says Bassett. “I am a big advocate of cross training and wanted to design a class that incorporated everything I love and believe in order to achieve optimal fitness—strength, flexibility, balance, cardio endurance and core work.”

What are the benefits?
Based on the Law of Inertia, “the idea is to keep the heart rate up for an extended period of time to improve cardio endurance, burn calories and ultimately boost the metabolism.” Throughout the entire class there are “active rests.” While you never completely rest all of the muscles, you get into plank position or downward dog. You’re still working but the heart rate has the chance to slow down.

And the benefits are endless. While it does the obvious of increasing strength, metabolism and endurance, it builds mental strength by pushing you to reach your limit. Bassett says it, “shocks the body through explosive muscular contractions and high-intensity intervals, increasing speed, strength and athletic power.”

What’s the class like?
Let’s preface with the fact that I’m a marathon runner and this class was not easy. Like Bassett says, your muscles are worked to the max. You start with fast paced yoga, move into cardio intervals (think burpees, push ups, doing steps, and strength training with weights) for three-fourths of the class, and finishing with relaxful yoga. Personally, my biggest problem—I can’t do a real plank position pushup. Moving on to harder variations of the pushup was a big stretch. This class requires all over strength to really exceed. But of course, practice does make perfect. One of the women attending the class says she takes it five times a week (she’s getting married in May) and now she’s a pro.

How soon should you expect to see results?
“Assuming you have a healthy diet (nutrition is key) and are choosing weight that is challenging for you, 4-6 weeks,” says Bassett. “This class is about heavy weight/less reps. You should max out at 30-25 reps by the end of a minute. If you are able to do more, you need to lift heavier weight.” Bassett recommends taking the class 2-3 times a week to see results and on average you can expect to burn 300-500 calories per class.

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