Nor•mal Musical

The musical nor•mal is the focus of the NIS Program and tells the true story of a family torn apart by an eating disorder through the eyes of the mother. Written by New York Foundation Artists & Art award winner Yvonne Adrian, Broadway veteran actress and writer Cheryl Stern, and Emmy award-winning composer Tom Kochan, nor•mal is a dynamic, fresh, and humorous rock musical characterized by short, episodic scenes, stylization, and deeply resonant and emotional storytelling.

Nor•mal goes beyond a standard informational presentation – it is a highly artistic theatrical work meant not only to raise awareness of eating disorders and family communication, but also to demonstrate the healing power of theatre itself.  The musical is immediately followed by a mandatory 20-minute talkback, which allows for the audience to have their questions answered by experienced professionals in the field of eating disorders.  The NIS program has been touring the country since 2005 and has clinically shown to inspire individuals to seek treatment. (This will soon be available on DVD).

For a brief clip on this play, please click here.

The Thin Line

The Thin Line is a story of one girl’s struggle with her eating disorder and the struggles of those close to her in their efforts to understand and to help. The program provides compassion, understanding and the means to seek action against the deadly disease of eating disorders.

The Thin Line breaks the silence that traditionally surrounds eating disorders, the mental illness with the highest fatality rate in this country. In the play, four characters — a girl who is struggling with the illness, her internal negative voice, her mother and a friend — explore the realities of eating disorders.

The problems associated with eating disorders are deeply rooted and difficult to face and understand. The Thin Line serves as an accessible tool that helps in recognizing the symptoms of eating disorders, and in encouraging individuals, friends and family to seek help.