College Response

Colleges across the country are facing a mental health crisis.  How can higher education institutions identify students who may be suffering with an eating disorder, depression or alcohol problems and get them into treatment?  One way is through mental health screenings.

The College Response program from Screening for Mental Health, Inc.  (SMH) offers educational materials and screening tools that promote prevention, early detection, and treatment of prevalent mental health disorders and alcohol problems.  Through in-person and online programming, College Response aims to raise awareness, reduce stigma, and most importantly, refer students most in need to appropriate resources- either on or off –campus.

College Response Gives Your Students:

  • The opportunity to self-screen for eating disorders, depression, bipolar disorder, PTSD, generalized anxiety disorder, and alcohol disorders.
  • Access to unlimited, anonymous online screenings and/or confidential screenings at in-person events.
  • Help-seeking tools.
  • Immediate results and referrals to your on-campus counseling and health center following completion of screening questionnaire.
  • A unique peer-to-peer college suicide prevention program that is implemented by students for students.

“The in-person screening event works well in the college setting,” states Douglas G. Jacobs, MD, President and CEO of Screening for Mental Health, the organization that sponsors College Response.  “Health or counseling centers can offer the screenings during health fairs or hold events in high traffic areas such as student unions.  The online program seems to be tailor-made for the college population.  Students are always online, and having the ability to take a quick questionnaire on your computer in the privacy of your own dorm room or apartment is very enticing to most students.”

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